The tote bag is an eco product for this century, destined to replace disposable plastic bags. The canvas bag has become increasingly popular in last ten-twenty years, as more people have become environmentally conscious, concerned about climate change and aware of the impact of their carbon footprint. The media reminds us all to be more conscious of the world we live in, and environmental issues are inescapable.


We all heard that between California and Hawaii in the Great Pacific floating Garbage Patch, who is a large island that is three times the size of France and is the world's biggest ocean waste repository, with 1.8 billion pieces of floating plastic which kill thousands of marine animals each year.



Of course, we know that people like easy and beautiful accessories, for example, tote bags. But we need to stop using plastic and polyester to produce fabrics, that can't biodegrade and that need a large quantity of petroleum. The production of polyester fabrics needs so many chemical processes, which pollute air and water. After that, nature needs hundreds of years to deal with it. We can help in this process, by stopping to use of plastics and no-natural fabrics.

No, we don't need to stop using beautiful accessories. Our company knows, that natural fabrics are the answer. Natural fabrics, made from linen and organic cotton together with modern printing technologies help us to live more friendly to us and our planet.

When we started thinking about producing tote bags, it was important to understand how to preserve the idea of sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, but to use a material that needs far fewer pesticides to produce
fabric or the likelihood that they are not used at all.


Our dream is that every people in the world use natural fabric canvas bags. Yes, with beautiful print with any picture, what you want. 


that has a goal and ambitions to become
the largest good-fabric canvas bags
internet store in the world.

We use special Japanese-made colors - textile pigment ink. These colors are OEKO-TEX ® certified. Which means that which textile chemical suppliers demonstrate that their products are suitable to print skin-friendly clothing and other textiles for end users.

We never will produce the canvas bags for putting them on warehouse. It's mean that every tote bag will be print and sew especially for you.

Your job will be the most complicated in the future. Choose which canvas bag will become your favorite everyday ally.

Tote bags have also begun to emerge as an extension of clothing and style. The printed design on a tote bag can be used as a message to communicate someone's personality  and display their individuality. 

Yes, it's a story, when you can tell every time: yes, it is MY TOTE BAG!